Our History

Jeff Walker and Cleland Murdoch were both educated at James Hargest High School in Invercargill, and obtained Law Degrees from the University of Otago. Cleland commenced work as a Solicitor with Tait Ward & Co. in 1977 and the following year Jeff joined Watson Savage as a Solicitor. Jeff and Cleland have practised Law in Invercargill ever since.

Cleland became a Partner in Tait Ward & Co. in 1981 and continued as a Partner in that firm (which became Tait Ward Adams & Murdoch) until 1999, when he left to set up sole practice.

Cleland practised on his own account until 2005 when he joined Jeff in partnership.

Jeff became a Partner in the firm Watson Savage in 1981. In 1984 Watson Savage merged with Hanan Arthur & Co. to become Arthur Watson Savage. Jeff continued as a Partner in Arthur Watson Savage until he left in 1999 to set up his own practice. He initially practised on his own account and was then joined by his staff Solicitor, Judy Restieaux, in partnership. Judy retired from the partnership to return to Dunedin to be closer to her parents in 2005 and Jeff has practised with Cleland in partnership since 2005.

From the outset of their professional careers, both Jeff and Cleland appeared in the Courts on criminal, civil and family matters. They are both on the lawyer for child panel and have been since lawyers for children were first introduced. Cleland is also the District Inspector for mental health and has been for 25 years.

The firm carries out a wide range of legal work.